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Osprey finally leaves Japanese airport 10 days after emergency landing

MV-22 Marine Corps Ospre
Photo by Sgt. Sarah Fiocco

An Osprey transport aircraft of the  left a civilian airport in Oita Prefecture, southwestern Japan, on Friday, 10 days after making an emergency landing there due to engine trouble.

The MV-22 tilt-rotor aircraft arrived at the ‘ Air Station Iwakuni in Yamaguchi Prefecture around 15 minutes later in what the  had said would be a test flight after repair work that involved an engine replacement.

The aircraft was to move to Iwakuni on Thursday, but the flight was delayed due to the need for further checks on the aircraft. The aircraft is expected to return to the ‘ Air Station Futenma in the southernmost island prefecture of Okinawa, where it is based, according to the .

On Aug. 29, the aircraft made an emergency landing at the airport around 6:30 p.m. while it was on its way to the Futenma base after experiencing trouble in one of its two engines. There were no reports of injury for the six people onboard the aircraft or fire.

Ospreys, which can take off and land vertically like helicopters but cruise like planes, have stoked safety concerns in Japan due to a record of accidents overseas including fatal ones.


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