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Spotlight: Please Support “Oscar Mike”


Usually I get a lot of posts on the USMC Life wall which ask people to support their local business.  This business, Oscar Mike, caught my eye.  Their logo “Apparel with a Mission” was started by veterans who had lost their legs in Iraq.

After watching their video, I discovered that Oscar Mike was military code for One the Move; ironic since they are not as mobile as they once were due to sacrifices made for this country.  Some important things you should know:

  • 100% of the company is Veteran owned
  • 100% of all their T-shirts and Hoodies are made in the United States, that includes the weaving of the material, assembly, design, screen-printing and production.
  • Thursday, January 26th at 6:49am EST is the last day to help them get funded.  This means that if they don’t raise $20,000 then they don’t get any of the pledge money at all.

Do I like this company and what they stand for?  Hell yes!  They only have four days left to help raise funds.  You can be a sponsor by donating as little as a dollar.  Your pledge of $35 comes with a thank you gift of a T-shirt, sticker pack and letter.  What could be cooler than buying a friend a pledge for a future birthday gift.

Check ’em out: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oscarmike/apparel-with-a-mission

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