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Okinawa Marines subdue belligerent Korean passenger on commercial flight


Several Okinawa-based Marine came to the rescue of flight attendants when an out of control passenger disrupted a flight from Hawaii to Japan.

With about fifty Marines aboard the United Airlines flight, attendants had plenty of assistance when they were forced with the task of restraining a retired 72-year-old Korean farmer who had become irate.

According to Stars and Stripes, Major Troy Cronbaugh was sitting in the same row as the passenger when the Korean became angry about an hour and a half into the journey.

Becoming abusive towards his wife and flight attendants after they tried to stop him from doing yoga during meal time, he refused repeated requests to sit down and hurled verbal abuse at Major Cronbaugh, despite the fact that Cronbaugh said nothing to him.

Having quite enough of the situation, Cronbaugh gladly obliged the flight attendants’ requests for assistance in handling the situation.

“I said I’d be happy to help,” said Cronbaugh, who took four of the biggest Marines he could find to the back of the plane where the man was squatting.

Showing the passenger a pair of flex cuffs, the Marines calmly told him he would be restrained. Flight attendants captured the entire interaction on film.

As the Korean was placed into cuffs, he became upset when his feet were also restrained. Cronbaugh reports that the man threatened the Marines, attempting to resist by way of head-butting, spitting and biting. Eventually, the man was picked up, carried to his seat and buckled in.

While the plane made a return path to Hawaii, an American diplomat sat with the restrained man.

Major Cronbaugh reports that law enforcement officials were grateful towards the Marines for restraining the man without causing any harm.

“I didn’t know what we were going to experience when we went to the back of that plane,” Cronbaugh said. “I’m glad it turned out well.”

The Korean was released on a $25,000 bond and will not be allowed to leave Hawaii until he undergoes a mental-health evaluation.

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