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Off duty cop and retired Marine stop violent robbers dressed as police officers


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A retired Marine Corps sergeant major and an off-duty police officer’s jumped into action Tuesday leading to the capture of an intruder after a violent attempted robbery at a home in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Stripes Okinawa reports police arrested a 41-year-old man on suspicion of first-degree robbery, impersonating a law enforcement officer and unauthorized entry in the first degree.

The attempted robbery happened when at least three suspects pounded on the door of two, elderly women who live in the home.

According to Stripes Okinawa, when one of the women, both of whom are in their 60s, opened the door, the suspects pushed their way in while brandishing a loaded rifle, a hunting knife with a foot-long blade, and a bat, said Dorsey Roberts, a retired Marine sergeant major who owns the property and responded to the attempted robbery.

When Roberts heard one of the women scream after being slammed to the floor he ran outside to see what was happening.

“I was sitting in my home office when I heard my neighbor scream,” Roberts tells Stripes Okinawa.

When Roberts, who resides in the rear part of the home, made his way outside, he witnessed three males clad in hooded sweatshirts and bandannas that covered part of their faces.

Roberts’ arrival prompted the suspects to drop their weapons and run.

Roberts called out for help to an off-duty police officer, who lives nearby. The officer responded and spotted one of the intruders, according to Stripes Okinawa.

“I was able to grab (one suspect) by his dreadlocks, and pulled him backwards and slammed him to the ground,” Roberts said.

Stripes Okinawa reports Roberts pinned the man’s arm behind his back as the officer handcuffed him. Soon after, they saw the two other suspects in a light-colored vehicle drive by. Roberts’ wife, Lilia, who also served in the Corps, threw a glass dog bowl at the car, shattering its rear taillight as the vehicle fled.

“It just happened so fast,” Lilia Roberts tells Stripes Okinawa. She praised her husband and the off-duty officer for their swift response. “They were very brave. They scared them. Everybody went running.”

Stripes Okinawa reports the 62-year-old victim had a split lip and jaw and back pain.

Roberts said he took her to the hospital and that she was treated and released.

The woman declined to comment on the attack.

Stripes Okinawa reports this is the second time on Oahu in 20 days in which intruders, impersonating Honolulu police officers, forced entry into a home.

Officers are continuing their search for at least two other suspects who were with the 41-year-old man.

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  1. why would stripes Okinawa be reporting on something that happened at Honolulu…is this an editors mistake or just bad reporting?


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