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Obama administration denies MoH recipient opportunity to attend Marine Corps ball

Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer
Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer is congratulated by President Barack Obama and the audience after the Medal of Honor ceremony Sept. 15, 2011. Meyer is the first living Marine recipient for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan. 

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer was invited to celebrate the Marine Corps’ birthday in Afghanistan and was finalizing details with the Obama Administration.

Meyer was preparing to attend the Marine Corps birthday ball in Kabul, Afghanistan, but due to security concerns, the ball was eventually moved inside the embassy itself, according to the Tribunest.

After the ball was moved to the Embassy, Ambassador P. Michael McKinley ordered his chief of mission to “look into” Meyer. He decided against allowing the Medal of Honor recipient to attend because Meyer had been a vocal critic against the Obama administration, according to the news piece.

The Tribunest interviewed Meyer, “I was told he doesn’t like my position and comments on the administration, but those views are my right. Blocking access to the American embassy is his right as the ambassador.”

“It’s disheartening that he’s using the Marine Corps Ball as a chance be petty and political. This should be beyond politics and a time for him to support the men and women who defend he and his staff at the embassy.”

Meyer stated that he’d see those Marines after the deployment saying, “It’s okay though, I’ll make sure to meet up with those Marines when they come home and we’ll have a belated celebration of our own.”

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  1. Hopefully the Crap headed ambassador is replaced soon. What a disgraceful attitude from an appointed State Department employee.

        • BirdDog…yes – there are Former Marines. Marines who ‘sold out’ our country. Marines who have bad conduct discharges. A Marine who thinks that another Marine has no right to conservative views and should shut up. Yup – disgraceful scum sucking people who deserve the designation FORMER.

          I would include in the “Former” listing – Former Marine, Former Astronaut and Former Senator John Glenn – who engineered political jujitsu to protect the Bill Clinton administration from Senate investigations. (Later on, it was proven that Clinton had been receiving campaign contributions from the Chinese military. Of course – Bill was quite ‘friendly’ to the Chinese – allowing Loral (CEO Bernard Schulz) to ‘fix’ launch problems of Chinese rockets (and helping them improve ICBM and MIRV technology.) Since John Glenn was more interested in protecting the Democrat Party for acts of treason….FORMER MARINE fits him.

  2. He was ‘disinvited’ based on security concerns not his political beliefs. He was seen as being a high profile ‘target’ of the Taliban whose presence would put the other attendees at risk. The Embassy was, in fact, closed down a few days later as a result of an attack. Problem is, the truth doesn’t make as good of a story. Good luck with Mr. Trump.

  3. What did you expect from this GD LYING POFS Puke, who is the lowest scum on earth? Well, tough shit, Omoron, your fuckin legacy will be that you were the first pussy to occupy the Whitehouse, that thought he was God’s gift to the American people, but you will go down as the worst President in US history!


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