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“No mandatory vaccines for Marines:” the truth about viral infographic with general’s quote


An infographic going around social media -depicting the Commandant of the US Marine Corps stating that he will not force his Marines to vaccinate- has been debunked, right as the DoD mulls over the idea of forcing all personnel to get the controversial “jab.”

The image, which allegedly quoted General D.H. Berger telling Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin that “there will be no mandatory vaccinations for my Marines,” reportedly came from a “humor, parody, and satire” website.

To the contrary, Austin has Berger’s backing when it came to a memo mandating COVID-19 vaccine, with a deadline set for mid-September.

According to CheckYourFact.com, Berger has actually encouraged his Marines to get the jab, going so far as to make a public spectacle of it on social media.

“As the vaccine becomes available, I encourage all Marines and their families to get the shot to slow the spread of the virus,” he tweeted in December of 2020, alongside a photo of himself receiving a shot.

Jim Stenger, a spokesperson for the USMC, confirmed that “there is no truth to the information” provided in the erroneous infographic.

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