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NJ Gov commutes sentence of Marine convicted on gun charge


Hisashi Pompey

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Friday commuted the sentence of a Marine who was about to start a three-year prison sentence after he was arrested on gun charges in 2011.

was convicted in 2013 and was slated to begin his sentence on Monday. Christie signed the commutation on Friday.

was visiting friends in 2011 in New Jersey from Virginia, where he had legally registered the weapon. He was at a nightclub in Fort Lee when a friend who had been in a fight pulled firearm from its holster. No shots were fired, but and his friend were arrested.

, who served tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, told WABC-TV he’s “no troublemaker.”

was sentenced in 2013 to five years with a mandatory minimum of three years. WABC-TV reported that lost an appeal and that the possibility of Christie’s commutation was his final hope.

New Jersey doesn’t recognize carry permits from other states. Guns must be kept locked and unloaded in a trunk or secure container.

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  1. A highly decorated Marine (who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan) with a carry permit (out of state) given a five year prison term? Bullshit. One year, ACD tops. In NY if he stays out of trouble for one year, they’ll ACD (dismiss) the charges. Granted, it was stupid to bring it into a bar and not safeguard his weapon, but no way does he merit 5 years. NJ has done this hero an injustice. Its disgusting.


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