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On November 7, 2020, Marines with Guard Company responded to an accident at the corner of 9th & I Streets SE, only a few feet from their post in Washington D.C.
The Marine Corps is analyzing the security threat Marines' personal cell phones pose during deployments.
The U.S. military reported 20 new coronavirus cases in Japan and South Korea on Wednesday and Thursday, including 12 at a Marine base in western Japan.
The Defense Department on Wednesday shot down recent media reports saying special operations Marines were working with forces on Taiwan this week.
The Marine Corps is seeking a gag order in the criminal case of a Virginia Beach corporal whose supporters say her actions stem from trauma related to a sexual assault at the hands of a fellow Marine.
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A Marine lieutenant colonel found guilty of stealing hundreds of dollars in merchandise from a base exchange in South Korea has escaped punishment, according to a published report.
For more than an hour on Wednesday, the school board debated ways to handle punishment for a teacher who is prescribed medical marijuana.
The Marine Corps is pressing charges, including attempted murder, against a Virginia Beach corporal who has been locked up in a Chesapeake brig for months while her family publicly pleads for her to get mental health treatment.
Most Marine tankers have chosen to stay in the Corps rather than join the Army to keep on tanking in the months since the top Marine general called for the shuttering of heavy armor battalions earlier this year.