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New YouTube and Military Song from Artist John Preston


In the words of John Preston…

“Ten years ago I was preparing to return from Iraq. I was trading in my rifle for a guitar with a hope to give our nations warriors an identity. At that point the media was not showing the great things we had accomplished; from opening schools to teaching an oppressed people to be strong defend theirselves. Ten years of our warriors boots on the ground (the many of us that gave our lives and the many of us that still suffer today) as we sacrificed for the Iraqi people and the better good of the world.

It was just months ago when I saw the first mass murder ISIS had posted on the internet… I was in tears as I realized what was happening…. These young men that were being shot in the back like pigs were once the children that had surrounded me and thanked me for their new school, playground, or the pack if skittles from my MRE. The young men that tens of thousands of us gave our lives for. The children that kept our hearts warm during the most trying hours of war! 

I can no longer just watch this happen. Though I no longer hold my rifle at the ready, I refuse to allow our war to be forgotten! I refuse to accept that my brothers have died in vain. I pray you all stand with us as we ask the world around to do the right thing. This is not a protest…”

This IS War


If you like the song, you can purchase on iTunes. A substantial portion of the proceeds of this single and my upcoming album will go to Boot Campaign to help fight PTSD across America.

Marine John Preston This is War

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