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Will the Marine Corps pay for my move to be with my spouse?

My spouse is in the service currently:

My Marine is in Bootcamp (Enlisted) or Training at The Basic School (Officers):

If your spouse is already at Boot Camp (enlisted) or The Basic School (officers): If you are married before they receive their orders to their first official duty station, they will pay for one move of goods from one location to the duty station assigned.  This means that they will either pay for 1) the stuff that is currently with your spouse or 2) the stuff that is currently with you.  Whoever has more stuff, have the military move that individual.  Then do a partial dity with the other group of stuff. Remember everything has to be approved in advance before you can expect reimbursement for a partial dity.

My Marine is already stationed at a base:

If your spouse has already received orders to the duty station and you are not married -or- has already moved to the duty station, they military will not pay for your move or provide you monies to relocate.

My spouse is looking to become a Marine:

Your spouse will receive assistance with getting themselves to their assigned training station. Once orders are received, they will move your belongings and provide monies for transportation. Note if you are not listed as a spouse on official records, you will need to do this to get funded properly.


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