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New changes for 2017 Marine Corps PFT and CFT


pft-marinesThe Marine Corps has announced new changes to the Corps’ Physical Fitness (PFT) and Combat Fitness tests (CFT), now offering Marines the opportunity to take the tests more than once to improve their scores.

Marine Commandant General Robert Neller is also going to permit Marines aged 46 and above to row five kilometers on a rowing machine instead of running.

The changes will take effect on January 1st of next year and are part of an effort to revamp the Marine fitness tests, including a few gender-oriented alterations.

The flexed-arm hang is on its way out, with Marines being able to opt out of pull-ups instead. However, the Marines have to declare their preference and accept a trade-off- only 70 out of 100 points will be scored if they opt out of pull-ups.

Another change is towards weight tables for women after it became apparent that women put on muscle weight when they train to do pull-ups. The new changes will allow for an extra 5-9 pounds in body weight, depending on height.

As of next year, 235 PFT and CFT points will be required to get a first-class score. Marines who score a 285 on both tests will be exempt from weight and body fat limits.

According to Marine Corps Times, crunches will be a must for Marines who want a perfect score, with Marines aged 26 and 35 required to do a whopping 115 crunches.

Both genders will be required to lift the 30 lb ammunition cans, with men under 25 requires to do 67 lifts to pass and between 106 and 120 to max their score. Women will only be required to lift the cans 30 times to pass, with max score requiring 66 and 75, depending on age.

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