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Neo-Nazi leader of hate rally in Charlottesville former Marine


Dillon Hopper

We’ve stripped his title, he’s no longer a Marine. At one point in time, Vanguard America’s hate leader Dillon Hopper had roots in the Marine Corps. But those roots were shriveled and demented. He didn’t take anything the Corps instills in its leaders to heart, for if he did, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

The self-appointed commander of the hate movement recently retired from the Marine Corps as a staff sergeant in January 2017, according to The Guardian, serving in both Afghanistan and Iraq. His group of white supremacists marched in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend waving Nazi flags and spewing hate.

Hopper, 29, went under the radar for a period of time because he used his former name, Dillon Irizarry, for all things Vanguard America, according to the news piece. His name change surfaced once people began digging into his life, discovering that he’d changed his name to court records in New Mexico in late 2006 to Dillon Ulysses Hopper.

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  1. And the man who was performing CPR on Heather in the street before the ambulances arrived was also a Veteran Marine, Sgt. Thomas Joyce.

  2. Being a Marine is all inclusive no matter what route your life takes following your service to our country and it’s people. Once he became a Marine, that is it, he is one, and always will be one, there is no one person or persons who can “strip that away” he may not have the respect that he once had when he went off on a different direction in life as to what we hold dear in our hearts which is sad but in all of lifes activities there are those who don’t adjust and those that do…I would note that the media play on military affiliation is only used to incite more upheaval and hate amongst the rank and file and our country which is to bad. You prefer to identify a person by his affiliation with our military, what was he after he got out of the military, a postal worker, CSI agent, worked at McDonalds, policeman, soldier, sailor, airman this all takes away from the victim of this persons actions and their families of which I am pretty sure you will find even some of them served our nation… shame on the media

  3. Does anyone ever notice that when white people demonstrate the media is extremely quick to label them as hateful, racist, bigoted? It seems like groups such as BLM, La Raza, Anti fa are given a free pass by the media to espouse anti-white views, destroy public property, burn American flags, etc. Also, didn’t these guys have a permit to protest? I don’t know. It seems pretty lopsided to me.


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