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Navy Corpsmen undergo extreme jungle training to prepare for upcoming war


In combat, US Marines rely on Navy Corpsmen to provide them top-of-the-line medical care that never compromises the demands of the mission.

As the geopolitical tides shift across the globe, the need to focus on environments outside of desert and urban warfare creates an increasing demand for specialized training.

One of the most unforgiving combat environments is that of jungle warfare, which is often a living, breathing ecosystem of hostility- with or without enemy combatants.

As America’s military interests continue to tread deeper into murkier waters across the globe, the need for jungle medicine specialists becomes more apparent.

Fortunately for the Marines, their beloved Corpsmen are ready to take on the task.

While only 10 days long, The Jungle Warfare Training Center in Okinawa is no joke. Taking place on the very island that every branch of the US Armed Forces once fought tooth-and-nail to capture, the environment is hazardous, uncomfortable, and uncompromising.

Here, American Corpsmen will test their skills like never before- and come out better providers than they could have ever imagined.

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