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My Military Life App: A Review


national military family association appBeing a military spouse can be a challenging job, but life just became a little bit easier thanks to the National Military Family Association.  Each of us face different life challenges in the military and now there is one simple place to find the answers to those questions.

Most military families keep their phone with them continually, especially during deployments.  We all love a good app and we can now access military information quickly and easily using the FREE MyMilitaryLife app.  That’s right; you’ve just connected with a portal of helpful information in the palm of your hand.national military family raising kids

Using the app couldn’t be easier: download it, complete a quick survey to tailor the app just for you, and voila! You’re on your way, delving into deployments, moving, retirement, kids and even pets. If you’ve asked the question, the app has the answer.

MyMilitaryLife can be found on iTunes, Google Play and the National Military Family Association web portal.  While on the web portal, be sure to check out the video about how the app works, user’s tips and tricks, how to share information with others, and how to customize your app.

I decided to put this app to the test to see how it helped for our family’s path.  We have three kids under the ages of eight and we’re currently in the process of transitioning out of the Marine Corps.  We aren’t exactly sure where our location will be, but I decided to pretend we know, just to see how helpful the app is.  We’re going to be putting down permanent roots for the first time, so location is national military family raising kids life pathkey!  Our biggest concern is finding a reputable school for our kids.

I started with the “Raising Kids” life path.  From there, I went to “What Should I Know About My Child and the School System?”  The app lead me to discover school finders and even to a resource where I could determine if my kids met the standards for the new state we’re moving to!  After reading the source, the app allows you to add it to your favorites so you don’t have to search for it later.  Trust me, you’ll need to go back to these sites.  There is so much information housed within the app, that you’ll be referring to it quite frequently!national military family the basics

Another great section to check out is the Basic Life Path. I wish I had access to this when I first married my husband six years ago.  If you’re a new spouse, I highly recommend checking out each category.

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised when I received an update notice this week for the MyMilitaryLife app.  It’s great to know that new information is constantly being added and look forward to discovering the new tools and information at my fingertips.  The best part of all – it’s FREE – and I can do all of my research while on the go!


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