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My Face on a Figure Giveaway


my face on a figure giveaway

Myfaceonafigure.com specializes in custom military action figures!

With just a few shots of someone’s face, we can create a one of a kind action figure of that person. Since our inception, we have enjoyed a great relationship with members of the military and their families. Not only have we made action figures for the men and women who serve our country, but those figures have made an impact on their families as well.

Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a custom action figure!

One family had an action figure made of the father, who was to be deployed. Since the son was having a hard time with his father leaving, we made the toy as a gift to the son, which helped him cope with his fathers absence.

He took pictures of his dad’s action figure in all sorts of places and would send them to his father to show that he was “still included” in all the family fun. Situations like that have made us proud of the work we do, because that gift went beyond being just a toy…it was something kept close to the heart of that child and curbed some of the sadness he felt when his father had to go.

my face on a figure giveaway
Photo courtesy of www.myfaceonafigure.com

With our products, we offer multiple options for an order. You can customize your figure however you’d like to, right down to what it says on the package.

Want to share the excitement with a friend or family member? Send us their pictures too, and we can make the both of you, packaged in one of our figure two packs! Families could also order a father/son, or mother/daughter two pack. That way the family bond can be reflected in the action figures we create. This would also give children in military families the chance to “be a part of the action” if they saw themselves in action figure form, standing proud next to their mom or dad. It doesn’t take long to get our figures either, as the total process from start (when we receive your photos) to finish (when it shows up in your mailbox) is only 1-2 weeks!

For pictures, testimonials, and all other information, check out our website directly at www.myfaceonafigure.com

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  1. This has got to be the COOLEST toy ever made for a military child! My boys would cherish this for a lifetime! It doesn’t get any better then this. This way when daddy deploys, they can always have him with them! Soo awesome!

  2. My husband is deployed right now, and even though our daughter is young I believe this is a great way for her to bond with her daddy even though he is so far away! This is a perfect idea to keep a family together even though military life can keep us physically apart!

  3. This action figure would mean the world to us. My son is almost 2. I’m pregnant with twin boys and daddy is away on “military obligations” just to come home for less then a few months to attend recruiting school. I want to thank you for this wonderful idea!!!!!

  4. I would really love 3 of the action figure dolls for my 3 daughters ages are 9 1/2, 6 1/2, and 4 and they are all taking it hard. They ask everyday how much longer till he gets home (he’s been gone since may 2013 and is not expected home till may 2014). Ever since my husband left all 3 of my kids crawl in bed with me almost every night which rarely ever happen before he left. My girls are all “daddy’s girls and they are all always sad, depressed and I talk to them daily on how much their daddy miss them and loves them and wishes he was with them. The action figures will help them cope with the rest of this deployment. Thanks again.

  5. Hello! I just entered your giveaway, the figure is so cute!

    I just followed your blog from the TGIF Blog Hop, I’d love if you could return the favor! 🙂 Thank you!

  6. Would luvvvvvv to do this for my grandson. His birthday is end of september, and what better way than to give him an action figure of his uncle!! Ooh Rah!!


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