Minors enrolled in California public schools from 2008+ to have personal information released, including ss#


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    Thousands of military families have enrolled their children in the California public school system. Many never would have guessed that the schools would hand over their children’s personal information to anyone outside of the local school district.

    Children enrolled in public California schools from January 1, 2008 until today are being affected by a recent lawsuit. A judge granted permission to release highly sensitive information to include their children’s social security number, address, health information, behavior, progress reports and more, to the non-profit: Concerned Parents Association.

    Many military families are distressed with the release of this personal information. More than 4 million federal workers had personal information leaked after hackers broke into the Office of Personnel Management.

    Families are left questioning how secure this non-profit’s database is where the information is housed.

    The good news is that there is an opt-out form. Parents affected can stop this group from getting their child’s data by filling out this form

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