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Military and Veterans Discount Center App Review


military discount appmvdc logo app reviewMany businesses offer fabulous military discounts, but it’s often hard to determine where those businesses are located. I have always thought it would be great to have an app that listed military discounts specific to your area.  The new app from MVDC (Military and Veterans Discount Center) does just that!

It’s like a giant groupon devoted to the military community.

Signing up is simple and finding discounts is even easier.  You can enter your zip code or even the zip code of your next vacation spot to find local deals.  There are so many categories to choose from.  As a business owner, you’re able to add discounts as well.

With Veteran’s day approaching, there is a section devoted just to the discounts for that specific day. There’s also section where you can view free deals which are available to all military members like a free visit to Sea World, professional baseball game, museums, zoos and more. free things for the military community active duty milsposue

I decided to plan a little vacation and see what kind of discounts I could find!  It’s been awhile since we’ve been to Las Vegas so that seemed like a great starting point.  The restaurant discounts are incredible!  So many fast food places and restaurants like Johnny Rockets, Outback and others that I never knew had military discounts.  If you don’t ask, they don’t offer it!  You can even be specific about what type of food you are looking for.


Back to Las Vegas to find a show.  The address and phone number are conveniently listed and you can even locate it on a map. I also found a military discount for a show while we are there and even a massage and haircut as well as discounts on hotels (found under the travel section).

las vegas military discount shows military discounts at las vegas hotels and car rental


Error MessageCaveats of the App: My husband tried downloading the app to his iPhone and received an error.  We tried updating the app, but it still didn’t work for him.  This is problematic, but if you encounter this error, you can still use their website to find the same deals.

One thing I wish would change is the ability to type in the city names in instead of just the zip code.  Searching the zip code adds an extra step that would be nice to bypass.

When looking into education discounts and travel discounts, other websites are brought up which require you to sign up for free accounts.  Personally, I like to see what discount they offer and not have to give out my email address for future purposes.

I also don’t understand the use of points, but maybe it makes itself more understandable the longer one uses the app.

Even though there are slight downfalls, I highly recommend this app.  The amount of savings that you can find definitely outweigh any negatives.  It is user friendly and something I know I will start using more often — best of all, it’s FREE.  Click to download the app today.

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