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How Military Spouses Launched #KeepYourPromise Social Media Battle Against Congress — and Won!


Member organizations include:


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Adrianna Domingos-Lupher adri@msbnewmedia.com
Jeremy Hilton ktp1995@gmail.com
Jennifer Pilcher jennifer@militaryoneclick.com
Lori Volkman volkman.lori@gmail.com

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  1. I would like to share a story with you and hopefully get some credit to the people who deserve it.

    4 years ago this month my son Chase miller died in a accidental fall in Sasebo, Japan, His wife had deployed a couple of weeks earlier on the USS Essex aircraft carrier. While she flew into sasebo, my other son Travis (ltjg) flew in from pearl harbour, the command master chief was helping Travis make arrangements to have chase flown to Okinawa for a flight stateside, now, there is a air force transport that flys to sasebo from Okinawa on a daily basis, when asked if they could take chase with them. The pilots reply was ” its not in our itinerary.” Now this is a no brainer, Chase was flag draped and everything, so the cmc called Okinawa and 2 majors and a gysgt hopped on their transport with nothing better to do than pickmy son Chase up and take him back to Okinawa….I want to thank these marines from the bottom of my heart. No man left behind…..semper fi my brothers


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