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Military Spouse Rules to Live By: Spoken and Unspoken


Military Spouse Rules marine corps uniform ruleAlright ladies, let’s be honest for a second. Our man in uniform is a beautiful sight. One that gets the attention of just about every female within eye shot. It doesn’t seem to matter how old the woman is; when a properly dressed Marine walks in sporting those beautiful Dress Blues, or them rolled up cammies, we all swoon just a little. Put a newborn baby in those arms and a woman is done.

If that Blues wearin’, baby carryin’ Marine belongs to you, the need to reach out and grab a “little piece a that” may be a little too hard to resist. Before you do, let’s discuss a few regulations, expectations and just plan “no-no’s”. Please note, this information comes from an understanding place. One that wants to shed light and love so that you will never feel awkward, discarded, or hurt when you’re in the presence of that handsome man you get to call yours.

First and foremost ladies, watch the hands. While they’re in uniform, they need that right hand available to salute at all times. If you can stick to their left side while walking with them, you won’t have too many issues. You cannot hold their hand while they’re in uniform, but you won’t have to think before you grab, or risk being “shaken off”. Yep, the shake off can happen, I’ve seen it. I’ve also seen the look on her face when it happened. It’s something that can’t be unseen! Don’t let that be you.

Second, don’t expect them to carry out a conversation on their phone and walk, or smoke and walk, while in uniform.

Third, for the love of all things holy, PLEASE don’t put their cover on your head while they are in uniform. This action means one of two things. One; you just put a cover on your head inside a building (which they are not supposed to be doing.) or two, you just removed their cover from their person while they were outside. Oh. My. Gawd. Just don’t.

And last, don’t touch the medals. Like ever. Sure they’re bright and shiny. Yes, there’s a story behind each and every one of them-and it’s goooooood- but don’t touch them. Someone spent a lot of time placing them exactly how they need to be, and those Marines earned those beauties with blood, sweat and tears. Respect the medals. Leave them alone!

I’d like to take a second and talk about your Marines favorite accessory. You. Yes, you. In all your glory. If you ask any “taken” Marine what his favorite part of dressing up and letting his awesome shine is, he will answer with “my wife/fiancé/girlfriend/significant other”. Take pride in that. Be his best asset and most beautiful piece. He chose you. He fights for you. He wants nothing more than to be standing next to you. For- like- ever.

I’ve heard tales from women not married to Marines, honestly believing there’s a fairy tale involved in being whisked away by some strapping young lad in uniform. If you’re reading this and are in a relationship with an active duty Marine, you know better. This shit is straight up messy. From the smelly cammies, to the crazy moves across the country, having to drop up or pick up your man at all hours of the day or night. The list goes on. And it’s crazy. It’s exhausting. It’s tear your hair out, scream at the top of your lungs insanity. But it’s yours.

Take pride in that, in yourself, and in your Marine. Look at it like this, “normal” people genuinely believe you live the life of a princess; so pull out the “Princess Card”! (Seriously! That’s like the greatest reason to pull that card EVER!) Now, I’m not talking diva princess. I’m talking real princess. Think Kate Middleton, Princess Dianna. REAL Princess.

What does that mean?

1.  Well for one, don’t wear clothes that show off your lady bits. Dress in clothing that show off your best assets, without actually revealing them.

2.  Keep your hygiene routines at home. This seems like a no brainer, but I swear I once witnessed a wife plucking her eyebrows while sitting in the waiting room at the base clinic. Yuck.

3.  Be respectful and kind of others. I’m not saying “watch who you mouth off to because one of those women might be your husbands CO’s wife blah blah blah” I’m saying be mindful of how you present yourself. You never know when you might come across a new friend or ally. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you my story.

It was Mother’s Day. My family and I were in line at Cold Stone waiting to buy a cake. We’d been waiting a long, long time. When this woman and her family cut in front of me. Before I could stop the word vomit, I snapped “How about you get to the end of the line and wait like the rest of us?!” (she did) A few months later I’m sitting in the parents area at my kids dojo watching all the other moms talk and have a great hour. I walk over to introduce myself, hoping for some new friends and this happens.

“Hey! I remember you! You yelled at me and my kids in Cold Stone Creamery on Mother’s Day!”

Game over. No new mommy friends for me.

Don’t be me. Be graceful, kind and supportive of those around you. Invite in the love and respect you want in your life.

4.  Educate yourself. Real Princesses are smart, and understanding of the world they live in. Be smart and understanding. This will give you something to talk about (ya know, so you’re not grabbing someone’s shiny metals)!

5.  Along with educating yourself, be brave. Don’t go all crazy on me and try to become a cliffhanger, but do try new things. Learn about your new surroundings, take cooking classes, or whatever else floats your boat. Just do something.

Your fearlessness, natural beauty, kindness and intelligence will inspire those around you. And that is what being your Marine’s Princess is all about.


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  1. I didn’t understand these phrases when I first met my Marine/Husband 20years ago which is “Once A Marine,Always Always A Marine.” The other one is “Do you want to Field Day today”. That one thru me for a loop. I thought alright we’re going to go on a Picnic”. Boy,was I wrong!!!! I have been blessed to have My Marine in my life! My Marine has taught me so much about being “Strong,Faithful,Trustworthy,and ORGANIZED”!!!!!
    And that is a big “OOOYA” to all you Marines and Your Families!!!


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