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2013 Military Spouse of the Year Nominations: Kristine Schellhaas, USMC Life Founder


Random Acts of Kindness Marine Corps USMC MilitaryToday is the big day and the 2013 MSOY nominations have been released to the public. There are so many fantastic spouses out there who are being recognized for doing great work.  I’m one of the lucky spouses who have been honored with a nomination and feel so blessed to be a part of this process.


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Voting at the local bases doesn’t start until January 22nd, but you can view all of the nominees from January 9th through 21st. You can read about me and my MSOY profile (link no longer working) for Camp Pendleton’s Military Spouse. Part of the profile process asked us to put together a YouTube video and I took a while to think what I wanted people to remember after spending a few minutes watching my video. I know I wanted it to be bigger than me, so I came up with 10 easy ways to pass Random Acts of Kindness onto others on any military base, or even out in town. If you believe in random acts of kindness, please share it with your friends.  Our lives are challenging enough, so please join me in the movement and let’s live this together.


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  1. I love your video. I will try to each one. I am a MOM of a single Marine.who will be on his way to Japan next week on January 23. He is currently based at Camp Pendelton and our family is from Illinois i am looking for a family website or page for parents of Marines stationed in Japan. I am also planning to send our son care packages or boxes from home. I was wondering if would be able to steer me in the right direction. Thanks for all you do.


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