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Military Government and Dity Move in the Marine Corps

DiTy Move (Now called PPM: Personal Procured Move)

This means that you are packing and moving yourself. Families without a lot of stuff or single Marines typically like this program. Most families with a lot of furniture, children, or goods who have tried the DiTy move regret the experience. You must be approved through TMO beforehand.

Partial DiTy Move

You can load up your possessions either in your personal car or rented vehicle. Weigh the vehicle empty at a certified weigh station, drive the vehicle to your destination, then simply have the car weighed again with all your belongings and voila … submit some forms and get money for moving your things! You must get approval through TMO beforehand.

Government Move (DMO, formerly known as TMO)

This is what most people choose to do when moving—it’s great to have movers come in, pack your things, load the truck and drive off. Some people are worried about specific items that are valuable or irreplaceable. There’s another option and a way for you to make some extra money in the process. That is called a “partial DiTy move.”

It’s Your Move: Determine your maximum entitlement.

Q&As about moving with TMO

Food, Drinks, or Tipping the Movers and Packers?

The Marine Corps TMO page states: “There are no requirements to provode food or beverages to the movers. You may choose to offer the moving crew food or non-alcoholic beverages, it is not required.  Tipping the movers for their services is neither suggested nor recommended”. I like to keep a cooler full of gatorade, water, and sodas for the movers.  It is much appreciated by them and I’ve found they go out of their way to help you with your move. I also buy lunch and ask first before buying a pizza. Sometimes a subway sandwich is a nice change of pace for them.


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