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Military families outraged after corpsman posted pics, ‘danced’ newborn babies at Naval Hospital

Corpsman Jacksonville Hospital Maternity Ward
(left) Screenshot of Snapchat video where the baby was being used as a prop to dance. (right) Caption says, ‘How I currently feel about these mini Satans’

Military families are going to have to think twice before sending their newborn babies off with corpsman near Jacksonville, Florida.

The corpsman seen in the photos, Allyson Thompson, has reportedly been posting various pictures of newborn babies and making videos while holding the babies and treating them like puppets dancing to music. One of the pictures posted stated, “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.”

It has also been reported that another corpsman, Joanie Barrett, participated in the incidents.

The video that was uploaded to Snapchat (screenshot above) has since been removed and the profile of the corpsman accused of participating in the acts has been deactivated.

The military spouse who discovered the disturbing photos and videos has reported them to the Naval Hospital. According to her Facebook update, it states:

“After me and my mom tried getting someone on the phone for like an hour, she finally got someone who was over her and it’s been reported.. all screenshots and video was sent to her phone via text and she has talked to her CO and they’re taking the next steps of investigating it and she is being punished.”

Posting pictures is a massive violation of HIPAA not to mention the possible shaking of a newborn baby.

The Naval Hospital has responded on Facebook after receiving the information.

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    • Are you kidding me? My mother has a saying… no sympathy for self inflicted wounds. She brought that hate upon herself for mishandling the very humans she was entrusted to care for. Any hate going her direction is warranted for such outrageous actions. She could have made a baby permanently retarded by flopping their head around… and what about her hate by calling them mini satans?? We are suppose to focus on hate going her direction when she was flipping the bird to a baby that did absolutely nothing to her? Her actions are pure hatred and evil. No one gives a sh*t about hate messages going in her direction!!!

      • They’re talking about the military spouse who blew the whistle on the nurses. She’s being called a snitch and receiving death threats..

      • Meleforall – these women in the pictures and videos deserve all the hate coming their way. The lady that posted their actions, calling them out on it is getting hate mail too. She shouldn’t be. That is what the poster you replied to was saying. The ouster is being attacked.

      • I *think* “Dick” who said (You should include the hate messages this woman is receiving for outing this behavior.) was actually referring to the girl who turned them. She (the girl who turned them in) is receiving hate messages. Not the girls who treated the babies this way.

      • Meleeforall,
        I think you misinterpreted his post. He’s saying the lady who reported this sick incident, is now receiving nasty emails and being called a ‘snitch’.

      • I think he means the hate messages that the person who reported her is getttinh, not the person who did the horrible deed. Its surprising, but yes, there have been some people who had sent her hate messages for being a “snitch”.

      • He’s talking about the hate messages THE WOMAN WHO REPORTED THIS is getting on Facebook “for outing this behavior.” She has posted screenshots on her Facebook post of the idiots who are calling her a snitch and telling her to mind her own business, when she absolutely did the right thing.

      • Meleeforall- I think you missed the point. The previous poster was referring to the woman who reported this behavior receiving the threats, not the psycho bitch that was endangering these children.

      • He’s talking about the hate messages the person who reported this has been getting, not the actual corpsman. The person who reported it has been deemed a snitch and is getting all kinds of rude messages on her Facebook now.

      • The hate messages are to the woman who reported it. The woman whose post brought this to light. NOT the woman responsible for the the videos and pictures. I’ve seen some of the messages sent to the woman who shared this on Facebook and thus brought it to light. They are heinous and undeserved. If not for her, would this have ever come out? I dare say not.

      • I’m not positive, but I believe they are referring to the girl who screen shot the photos of her “friends” the ones in the video and reporting and posting to Social Media. She was infuriating by this and wanted something done. This girl does not deserve hate mail. That’s the exact reason why some would have chosen to remain silent, unfortunately.

      • Melee – you failed to read the comment. The hate is directed toward “the woman who OUTED this behavior!” In other words, the woman who REPORTED IT !!! Not the woman who did it!!!!! You might want to modify your comment.

      • He’s not referring to the putrid women who did this. He’s talking about Denisa Shellito, the brave woman who, along with her mother, brought these idiots to the attention of their superior officers. She is currently being harassed by internet trolls sending hate messages and some death threats.

      • You misread that comment. The woman who reported this has received nasty messages from many people calling her a snitch and to mind her own business.

    • Here’s another one: I hope those evil women go to PRISON for a good long while, and are harassed and bullied every day by fellow inmates for hurting newborn babies. You know it wasn’t just this one child; these horrible girls look WAY too comfortable doing this sh*t. And WTF were they thinking, posting it online???? Stupid AF!!

  1. I learned that these were taken and reported in 2014 and social media has recirculated these again. I see many of the same screen shots.. is this story in fact 3 years old? Is their any facts to when this occured?

  2. Who in their right mind is entertained by any of that? Prepare for a thorough investigation that will involve the perpetrators,the staff and the ENTIRE training program at the hospital.

  3. Welp time for more safety briefs. Hopefully this girls ninja punches out of the navy i work at the mother infant unit as a corpsman i my self would go up to mass if i ever caught any one doing this to babies

  4. My heart literally hurts for those innocent babies! These are precious innocent babies and the person in the picture and taking the picture are disgusting. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of these babies because God only knows what all happens with these babies when the camera isn’t on to catch all of their actions. Where are the cameras in the hospital? Where is the Supervisor? Why aren’t these people being monitored? As a mother I can’t say enough how terrifying these images are because of what I’m seeing and what is not seen with people like this in charge of caring for babies.

  5. We fight so hard to get recognized, to receive training, so we can progress when transitioning to civilian life. We are so privileged to have the ability to learn, practice medicine at this level with only a “on the job” level of training and incidents like this only sets the Corpsmen rating back a few steps. This is a Leadership problem and it needs to be handled at the lowest level, hard and swiftly so that ” Big Navy” doesn’t get any ideas on limiting our HMs to only certain jobs , because two knuckleheads messed up. Not in my Corps.

    • This should be handled at the highest level. Why were there no cameras there? The most important thing is the safety and welfare of the babies. Who knows shat else they did to those babies. “Big Navy” needs to ensure that cameras are installed in all areas. And all you are concerned about is yourself instead of the safety and welfare of the babies. If the other Corpsmen have your lack of concern for patients (especially Helpless babies) “Big Navy” should limit HMs to certain jobs. Thanks for bringing the idea to my attention so I can submit it to them

      • ‘Submit it to them’, submit it to who?? The US Navy?? I have full confidence they will handle it just fine. Though what these girls did was extremely messed up, I don’t think the entire rating should suffer. The well beings of the babies is most important of course, but it’s not just corpsman alone with babies all the time. The ones involved should be punished yes, they were definitely taught and knew better but made very poor decisions and they will most definitely pay for it.

      • Come on Marilyn, get real. Don’t attack Doc Forty for commenting on the potential impact on the INNOCENT because of two GUILTY. What is wrong with you? Doc didn’t say anything about NOT CARING about the victims. Doc said this is a leadership problem and it is. There is a HUGE lack of leadership throughout Navy medicine and I see it every single day. I hope this ugly incident does MORE than require another useless “social media stand down.” I hope it wakes big Navy up to the fact that Navy medicine can’t lead it’s way out of a wet paper bag. These idiot corpsmen are a symptom of a much larger illness. There are no cameras behind the L&D ward because it would be a HIPAA violation…just like it is a HIPAA violation for these idiots to take pics/vids of the babies and post them on line. The whole point is, WE MUST BE ABLE TO UTTERLY TRUST OUR CORPSMEN TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS 100% OF THE TIME. So no, we don’t need cameras. We need TRUSTWORTHY SAILORS. Trustworthy sailors are grown under the supervision and mentorship of leaders. Leaders are grown up from trustworthy followers. You see the problem? This is also tied, indirectly, to the recent trend in afloat FATAL mishaps. All around the service, we are seeing evidence of leadership failures. We need a Navy-wide do-over and that is something that may be all but impossible to accomplish.

        • Just think about what you have just written and remember “Donald Trump” is now the Commander and Chief of our Army Navy and Militia. Talk about leadership failures and mentorship. Very scary for anyone in the military.

      • Don’t speak about what you do not know Marilyn. The Corpsman rating has received more awards including the Medal of Honor than any other rating in any service. We are not incompetent as a whole (there will always be the ones and twos out there) nor are we lacking professionalism, nor honor, nor courage, nor commitment. You think it’s cool to post on a subject after reading only one small article posted online. The facts aren’t even all correct in this article. THINK before you say something!

  6. This needs to go on their record and they don’t ever need to be around a job with kids again. So evil. A baby is super innocent. Sad.

  7. My thought process is if someone is a nurse of any sort (civilian or military), then they already have been trained to know it is very dangerous to have a newborn’s head not firmly supported, as in the first photo. Second chances are not appropriate in potentially life threatening/changing situations. There is a solid reason we imprison people for giving a child shaken baby syndrome, a strong potential in this case apparently. Also, if they are a decent human being, they would recognize their behavior is demeaning and disrespectful to those they have pledged to protect. Why should such very vulnerable patients have to be subjugated to such dangerous and disgraceful treatment from paid professionals (!)?? What could they possibly learn from a reprimand that they haven’t all ready been taught and apparently rejected? I think we need to demand the best from young adults and let them learn immediately from the natural consequences of their choices.
    As a military member, these young women will find that the military thinks very dimly of such actions. My experience as a military spouse with numerous family members who are or have served is that now that this has been exposed, the Marines will take care of disciplining this young woman and her friend. They have violated many codes of conduct and permanently hurt their careers. Their supervisory staff is also responsible for inadequate supervision and training. Wiser heads need to prevail immediately to prevent another incident with potentially worse outcomes.

    • The Marines are not involved (unless the parents of the babies are a Marine family). These corpsmen are assigned to NH Jacksonville. The MTF is “owned” by BUMED…100% blue-side Navy. BUMED has leadership problems spanning back decades. This ugly incident is but a symptom of a decades-long lack of military leadership within BUMED.

  8. My father was a Navy hospital corpsman in WW2. I am a USMC veteran. This woman is a disgrace who should never have been allowed to wear the uniform or care for children or anyone else for that matter. My girlfriend works in an assisted living facility, and she sent me this. I hope there is at least a dishonorable discharge and some brig time for this broad, but I doubt it. We have to be politically correct after all. Quit fucking up our military with rejects like this.

  9. The naval medical system has been wanting for years from PCMs at the naval academy who ignore referral recommendations from specialist at Walter Reed to this crap.hopefully they end up court Martial Ed and off to jail,but unfortunately the navy is always quick on the CYA….and thier IG is a joke.

  10. These two women need to be imprisoned just as any civilian would be for child abuse and the hospital sued for neglect. This us unaccountable! I myself refuse to take my child to that hospital after an incodent that occurred with her in the E.R. as an infant. Military does not act as well as college graduates that have been trained professionally. Military is in their own little network and think they are better than civilian trained. Obviously that’s not the case. This I am sure happens more than people know, this one just happened to get caught in social media. Active military members can not sue the military. Spouses on the other hand can, but many may not for fear of their loved ones job being at stake. Take it from me. Maybe I should have sued with our incodent. I chose to get my infant to a real professional in town A.S.A.P. It took my daughter years to trust doctors again. I was threatened with jabbing my daughter being taken away if I left the E.R. with her. I made other plans. But instead of threatening me, they could have told me of I didn’t trust their service, that I could go to civilian E.R. instead. These people think they can’t be touched. Thank god these girls were stupid enough to put on Social Media for the attention it so desperately needs!!!

  11. Allyson Thompson is my cousin and this is disturbing. I can’t believe this happened. These are infants. Don’t pick a career like this if you can’t handle it! I’m just disappointed. this is bad representation of the military! I am embarrassed! I hope these families get justice. These infants could have been seriously hurt. I am a mother and this makes me sick!

  12. Ok, yes, lets see here…I’ll take “How to Ruin my Military Career and Blackball Myself from any civilian opportunities in the Medical Field” for $1000 please, Alex.

    These chicks better count themselves lucky IF they make it to the brig before a posse of vigilante mama bears beats the living hell out of them.

  13. I pray that you get the same treatment before you go to the nursing home you are a disgrace you should not be in the military you should not get any honors nothing like that therefore you should be rotting in prison because treating an innocent child like that is not right they don’t do nothing but come to this world expected to be loved who knows if you poison that might not or made some complications for them to not be alive or have or any or anything I’m thankful those were not my children because if that was my child I would come unglued you don’t treat children like they’re just a piece of garbage that maybe a how you were treated as a child but that’s not how you treat when they just born

  14. Conduct unbecoming a military member. As a previous Ombudsmen for five commands I could never have imagined treatment like that to a family member or member of our uniformed services. Those poor babies!! Less then honorable discharge and prevent them from ever working in any medical capacity.

  15. Their careers are over and they should be imprisoned for their actions. Plain and simple. Anyone in the private sector would be jailed for such actions against a newborn infant, or anyone for that matter. Shame on them.

  16. She needs to lose her job, her license, be charged and discharged from the Navy. This is deeply disturbing behavior. It’s not just about HIPAA, it’s common sense, lack of morality and lack of respect. She could have injured those babies. She exposed them illegally online. And then posting about them being mini Satans? I hope those immature little selfish dirtbags NEVER have kids. They are too stupid and irresponsible.

  17. There is a special place in hell for these pieces is shit! The worst part is that they will get an “other than honorable” discharge because the higher ups have no spine. The military is a joke , I know this first hand and this furthers my point .

  18. It’s such a shame that not only does this individual disgrace healthcare professionals, she disgraces the military. Put her and her counterpart out and give them a Dishonorable Discharge, take their pay and education benefits or any other benefits..

  19. I’m reading a lot of comments on how much damage is being done to the babies….I wonder how many of these same people have had their sons circumcised?

  20. She committed the silly act, but the Commanding officer is responsible for her behavior. Kick her out of the Navy and fire the Commanding Officer

  21. I don’t think this should be handled behind closed doors. I feel as if they wanted the limelight and now they have it. Just didn’t goes as well as they thought. It Was Not Funny In Anyway Shape Or Form. So now that it is in the public then it should be handled so everyone can see what a shame they really are. EVERYONE involved should NEVER be allowed in a hospital to care for anyone. Much less be allowed around any child. I do hope this is Not handled behind closed doors. They all should have to deal with it publicly. Means they wanted to break the law and share it on Facebook. Now hopefully this matter will be held in the limelight and shame them as they we’re trying to do to these babies. Not to mention the families of the babies. I will pray for all the families involved. Even for the ones who chose to do this thinking it would be funny or okay in some way. Because I am sure the parents of Allyson Jeanette Thompson and the others are completely ashamed of them. As I would be. I hope and pray they are punished to the fullest. And have to pay a huge fine to each and every family they have wronged.

  22. This isn’t about training or leadership problems. It’s about respect, compassion, simple decency. These women are old enough to know not to treat babies or anybody this way. If you’re not sure if something is ok, all you have to do is think “what if this were my child”. Unless they’re just cold hearted women. They look like intelligent, informed women, but I don’t know what they were thinking.

  23. I can’t believe people think this is a big deal. She didn’t hurt the kid. I don’t like babies or little kids either, I think they are little demons too. Lots of people feel this way, especially when the brats are screaming.

  24. To these employees of that naval base and Adelheid: Read Matthew 18:10 for yourself if you do not believe me. Our Lord Jesus said “See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father who is in heaven.” Children has a special place in God’s heart and anyone who harms a child is inviting the wrath of our Father upon himself. Please Adelheid don’t feel this way. These are babies. Father God loves us so much that he gave his Son Jesus to give us salvation. Due to this awesome love God gives us, it is an honor to love each other in the name of Jesus. All we have to say or think “What will Jesus do?” to order our steps. Think God.

  25. “Military families are going to have to think twice before sending their newborn babies off with corpsman near Jacksonville, Florida.” But you still have no choice so you can think til your blue in the face. Also HIPAA might exist in the military in theory but in practice it is nonexistent. That’s what happens when you remove all legal liability and recourse from medical practice and then force the jobs on people that don’t want them. I guarantee that girl wasn’t “gaga” for babies when she got billeted to that NICU.


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