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Memes Paired With War Images, Horrors of War Revealed


A soldier named Casey wrote a blog called Just War Things. He stumbled upon a popular tumbler site called “Just Girly Things”, memes that 15-year-old girls are interested in. Casey took the images and paired them with War Images to reveal the Horrors of War. Here are some of our favorites, you can check out more about him and his blog.

Friends have your back



Hoping for a MiracleFlowers from a Loved One

Remembering is HardBeing stressed out from school

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  1. While sharing these photos of war isn’t a bad idea, pairing them with photos that 15 year old girls like, is. They are 15, what were you concerned with when you were 15? Maybe pairing the photos with photos of the politicians who made the decision to send our Armed Forces into conflict in the first place would have been a better idea. Since they conveniently seem to forget that they did and the cost it requires of the same people they send.

  2. There’s always one critic. This was to make a point of the concerns of MOST Americans who think that every day life is so horrible and unbearable. This was meant to be a WAKE UP CALL to anyone with enough HEART to look at, and read what American Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, and Sailors go through and have gone through. Without each of the images of REAL war, the images of the portrayed “15 year old girls” wouldn’t be possible.

    The stupid politicians didn’t make the decision to send us into harms way you knucklehead. Insane country dictators of the past and TERRORISTS made that decision for us. Before posting such ignorance, you should either enlist in one of the aforementioned branches of the service, or at least watch the American Heroes Channel to get your facts straight. If you are so against our nation’s leadership, then either vote, or move to a country where you will LEARN FIRST HAND what it means to live in a country where you are free to make such an ignorant post. Let’s say.. Uzbekistan? See how far your “freedom of speech” gets you over there..

    Awesome creativity and imaginative portrayals Casey. and thanks for sharing ‘USMC Life’ Semper Fi!

    ~22 year retired Marine veteran and former Drill Instructor, 3rd Battalion Lima Company Parris Island, SC

  3. My father was a Marine and so proud of it. He fought in the Pacific when I was very young, but he talked about the islands and the gentle people there.
    He was called back in to go to Korea. I was older but still to young to understand why he wasn’t sharing about that war. The only thing he said was he drove a tank. He was never quite the same after.
    These pictures are difficult to see, but I believe they should be seen.
    For some reason I feel as if I know why Robert F.Pentecost USMC was different. God bless you and very Marine in this site.

  4. Thank you for challenging me to look at life differently..very humbled by this post and inspired by those who serve their Country…well done


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