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Married Marine Sergeant Major accused of adultery, abuse

(Photo Credit: Lance Cpl. Miranda Faughn)
(Photo Credit: Lance Cpl. Miranda Faughn)

In October 2016 the top enlisted Marine from the 2nd Marine Logistics Group at Camp Lejeune, NC., received his walking papers. As is typical in these cases, the pubic is issued a canned statement saying his “firing is under investigation.”

Marine Sgt. Maj. Darryl Cherry didn’t just display a lack of leadership ability, through documents obtained by the Marine Times, the investigation revealed Cherry is a narcissistic, abusive adulterer involved in an almost yearlong sexual relationship that yielded a child.

Although Cherry contends, in the mostly redacted investigative documents, they never ‘dated,’ the investigation revealed Cherry met the woman in early 2015 and they began a sexual relationship in the fall after months of Cherry pursuing her. But during the course of their tumultuous relationship, Cherry became increasingly abusive, the woman told investigators.

The report says Cherry characterized the relationship as a friendship that occasionally included sex, however, the woman differed, saying they were dating and that Cherry threatened her.

In the report, the woman says she initially rebuffed Cherry’s advances, but after she endured a brief illness, and Cherry attended to her during recovery, he feelings changed.

She also says in the report that Cherry refused to wear a condom during intimacy, and the relationship took a dramatic turn when she became pregnant. Feeling the impending birth of his child could impact his career and his marriage, Cherry asked her to have an abortion … she refused.

Though Cherry contends she knows he is married, she explained to investigators if he was … he did a good job hiding it … especially since the report indicates Cherry was a geographical bachelor at Lejeune.

“At no time did Sgt. Maj. Cherry mention he was married, did he wear a wedding ring, have a picture of his wife in his office during 2015, or have a picture of his wife in his home in 2015; there was also no mention of her in his biography,” the woman wrote in a statement.

The report also states that once the woman found out Cherry was married and confronted him on his lie, Cherry said he was separated and didn’t intend to get back together with his wife.

Cherry’s tangle web started to become untangled when rumors within the command speculated Cherry fathered a child with the woman and that became emotionally abusive and tried to pressure her to keep quiet about their relationship in exchange for child support payments.

During all this, the woman became pregnant for a second time. Cherry really turned up the heat pressuring her to have an abortion, the investigation said.

However, the pregnancy ended when the woman had a miscarriage.

The woman finally had enough of Cherry’s game when, according to the investigation, Cherry’s wife began calling the woman and at one point threatened to “beat her ass.” The woman then headed to 2nd MLG headquarters to report the relationship and that Cherry was the father of her son. She also reported the alleged threat from Cherry’s wife to the local sheriff’s department, as well as harassing phone calls from Cherry.

Once the command learned of Cherry’s improprieties, Brig. Gen. David W. Maxwell, the commanding general of 2nd MLG, relieved Cherry of his duties as group sergeant major, citing a lack of trust and confidence in Cherry’s ability to lead as the reason for his relief.

Cherry joined 2nd MLG Dec. 12, 2014, next to then commanding general of 2nd MLG, Brig. Gen. Charles G. Chiarotti.

Following a pass and review welcoming Cherry to Lejeune, he touted his bona fides and said he was ready to lead Lejeune’s Marines, reports The Daily News.

“I totally feel prepared to take over the ranks. Sir, you are right, I do have big shoes to fill, but I’ve got big feet.”

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