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Marines will be handing out tattoo waivers to prior service Marines

(USMC photo)

The US Marine Corps Reserves will be allowing prior Marines with tattoos to enlist- with a few exceptions, of course.

Honorably discharged Marines with at least 12 months in the Individual Ready Reserves and a billet in reserve units are reportedly eligible for the new tattoo policy waiver.

According to the Marine Corps Times, the tattoos cannot be on the face or hands and cannot be perceived as offensive.

“As long as the tattoos are “not egregious (face, hands, racist, etc.), we can get Marines back in who otherwise might not have the chance,” Prior Service Recruiter Staff Sgt. Justin Eckersley said.

The recruiter added that commander would be able to authorize Page 11 waivers for “out-of-regs” tattoos, which eases the waiver process.

It basically shifts authorization responsibility down to our level, meaning no extensive waiver process would be required.”

Tattoo policies have long been a bane to the US Marine Corps’ mission of recruiting prior Marines. Despite a 2016 revision by Commandant General Robert B. Neller to allow upper arm and thigh tattoos, the still relatively-strict policies have hindered recruiting and retention, respectively.

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