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Marines reunite with dogs they served with in Middle East after years apart


Marines who were part of the now-defunct Improvised Explosive Device Detector Dog (IDD) program, were recently reunited with their explosives-detecting dogs who served alongside them in the Middle East.

K2 Solutions, Inc. provided the training for the Marines and dogs and are also the company responsible for allowing the Marines to adopt the dogs.

“When I first got the call from K2 two weeks ago, I was super excited,” Sgt. Mark Slocum told ABC News. “I never thought I would see my buddy again. I was glad he was OK and even more excited I could adopt him.”

Tug, the now 7-year-old black Labor has officially been adopted by Slocum. “The last time I saw him was in 2011,” he said. “While I was deployed to Afghanistan that year, I would stick with Tug and take him to search buildings and cars to check for anything suspicious and to make sure the roads are clear, so our platoon could get through safely.”

“There was one day, we were searching for IEDs, and Tug found one and sniffed further and indicated there were homemade bomb explosive residue near the area,” he said. “We ended up crossing somewhere else. He saved the squad and prevented any more injuries.”

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Marines Reunite With Dogs They Served With in Middle East After Years Apart
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