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Marines repel Taliban fighters who snuck into base by hiding in sewage tanker


(Disclaimer: The following video was released by the Taliban but has not been confirmed by the US military as authentic)

The March 1 attack on a joint US Marine- Afghan military base was perpetrated by Taliban fighters hiding in sewage tankers, according to a recent report.

The Helmand Province base of Camp Shorab was assaulted by enemy combatants who used sewage trucks as troop carriers and scaled the walls with ladders.

According to the Marine Corps Times, the US military claims that while Camp Shorab was hit, the American side of the compound was never under any real threat and that Taliban infiltrators within the Afghan military helped with the attack, identified as an Afghan Lieutenant Colonel and Sergeant Major.

US Marines of the advisory group known as Task Force Southwest were on site when the attack occurred, and several have earned Combat Action Ribbons for their role in pushing the Taliban back.

Several Afghan army soldiers were taken hostage during the assault, and led enemy troops to a command center where US troops were working.

After hours of fighting and the introduction of US air assets into the fray, the Taliban retreated, leaving 20 dead Afghan soldiers in their wake.

Previously known as Camp Bastion, the base was once of great strategic importance to both the US Marines and British forces prior to being handed over to the Afghans.

In 2012, Camp Bastion was attacked by the Taliban, who managed to destroy six Marine Harrier II jets. During the assault, LTC Christopher Raibel and Marine Sergeant Bradley Atwell were killed attempting to drive back the insurgents, with the former leading the counterattack while armed only with a 9mm pistol. Raible was posthumously awarded the Silver Star.

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