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Marines receiving new sniper rifle that will replace two existing rifles

Set to be fielded in fiscal year 2023, the Mk22 Mod 0 Advanced Sniper Rifle incorporates the caliber agnostic 7×35 power Precision Day Optic and is fed from a 10-round detachable magazine. Photo: US Marine Corps

US Marine Snipers will be equipped with new rifles- and it will cut inventory by being more versatile than previous models.

The Mk22 Mod 0 will be a replacement for the M40A6 and Mk13 Mod 7 rifles, closing a chapter on rifles which have been used by the USMC since the Vietnam War.

The multi-barrel nature of the Mod 0 will be a logistical relief to the Corps, who have been using two different rifles for two separate calibers.

The Mod 0 will be chambered in both 7.62x51mm and .300 WinMag, respectively.

According to the Marine Corps Times, the rifle will have a 10-round magazine and has a bolt action.

Initial fielding is set for 2023, though rifles could ship as early as October.

The Mk22 Mod 0 is made by Barrett, which is based out of Tennessee and manufactures the Volunteer State’s official State Rifle, the .50BMG Barrett M82.

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