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Marines provide DIY fix for new rifle magazines that don’t fit in issued pouches


When the US Marine Corps switched to the Magpul M3 polymer magazine, it was discovered the pre-existing magazine pouches had issues fitting two magazines in the pouch without a considerate amount of friction.

Thankfully, the Marines came up with one of the most “Marine” solutions to the problem, making due with items that Marines could pull out of their inventory, anywhere in the world.

According to 2nd Marine Division Gunner CWO4 Jesse M. Schertz, all you need are some mags, pens (or some other partition) and an ammo can (or any container) full of water.

The process to stretch your pouches is pretty easy: plop the mag pouch into the water, pull it out, place the mags in the pouch and then stick your “partition pens” between them. Finally, set the pouch (as-is) out to dry in the sun.

Despite a $12 million contract to supply the Army, Air Force and the Marines with PMAGs, the “pouch problem” seemed to slip everyone’s mind. Thankfully, the Marines can always be counted on to “make do.”

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