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Marine’s proposal video goes viral with over a million views


Marine proposal videoA young Marine asked his 6th-grade girlfriend to marry him… the proposal has gone viral. Here’s their story in their words:

“On the first day of 6th grade, I remember sitting down at lunch with my two best friends and talking about any cute boys we had seen throughout the day in our new school. The funny thing is we all pointed out the same person – the animated boy wearing a Carriel baseball jersey in the next tier of tables in the cafeteria.

One of my friends said, “He’s in my social studies class! His name is like Brandon or Brendan, but he goes by something weird… I think he said Boomer.” Within the next couple of days, I dug hard enough to find his MySpace and a mutual friend overheard me talking about Boomer’s profile picture and how I liked him.

The mutual friend took it upon himself to tell Boomer that I liked him. This same mutual friend was actually the one who gave me Boomer’s number. With all of this being said, Boomer and I had not yet met or talked. That same day after lunch, everyone was walking back to their lockers before their next class.

Funny enough, I accidentally hit someone’s butt with the back of my hand when I was turning around and it just so happened to be Boomer. Very embarrassed, I quickly said “Sorry” and ran away. I soon found out Boomer and his girlfriend at the time had broken up, and texted him a couple days later with a simple “Hey.”

He responded by asking who it was, which he later told me that he actually knew it was me but he had no idea how to spell my name (lol). We texted nonstop for about a week but still never had a conversation in person. After basically giving him an ultimatum, Boomer asked me out via text message on September 1, 2009.

Things started off as a typical 6th grade “relationship” – we mostly texted, barely talked, and never got to hang out. However, over the years, things changed and he quickly became my best friend. It turned into knowing each other’s likes and dislikes better than we know our own, winning cutest couple in 8th grade, driving hours to see me compete for 3 minutes, being able to order for one another, helping each other studying, spending weekends at the hockey rink, working at Outback, visiting and applying to colleges, going on family vacations, talking to recruiters, and being voted Homecoming King & Queen. Regardless of the endless amount of doubts from many peers and adults, we made it through all of junior high, high school, and my first year of college together. At times, it was definitely hard, but never once did we break up in all of almost 8 years.

This past year was definitely a busy one. About a year ago, Boomer gave me a promise ring ensuring me that he would replace it with an engagement ring one day. He helped me move into my dorm in Springfield.

I watched him swear into the military. Thirteen weeks later, I flew to San Diego and watched him graduate from Marine Corps boot camp. With help from my parents, I was able to visit in both April and May while he was in his schooling in Virginia Beach (where he graduated 3rd in his class might I add).

This past week, he surprised me and came home. Five days ago, Boomer asked my parents for my hand in marriage. Two days ago, he proposed and I could not have been happier to say yes! Here’s to many (more) years of happiness with my high school sweetheart!!!”

Cheers to the happy couple!  Watch the engagement video below.

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