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Marines looking for lateral moves may get bonuses in process

0311 shares his experience at Cobra Gold
U.S. Marine combat engineers from Combat Assault Battalion. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Matthew A. Callahan.

By Cpl. Sullivan Laramie

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. — Marines looking to find new job opportunities within the Marine Corps are in luck. Headquarters Marine Corps has published new administrative messages in October 2015 outlining military occupational specialty openings the Corps seeks to fill with some even offering bonus pay incentives.

The MARADMINs include information on a variety of opportunities, including the Active Reserve Program and Prior Service Enlistment Program for Marines and civilian Marines not currently on active duty. Each program is designed to help preserve the number of Marines within high-demand occupational fields.

The fields open and possibly offering pay incentives are

  • counterintelligence/ human intelligence (0211)
  • imagery analyst specialist (0241)
  • rifleman (0311)
  • reconnaissance man (0321)
  • machine gunner (0331)
  • mortarman (0341)
  • infantry assaultman (0351)
  • anti-tank missileman (0352)
  • critical skills operator (0372)
  • data network specialist (0651)
  • data chief (0659)
  • information assurance technician (0689)
  • field artillery fire control man (0844)
  • fire support man (0861)
  • explosive ordinance disposal (2336)
  • criminal investigation divison agent (5821)
  • aviation radar repairer (5948)
  • fixed wing aircraft crew chief (6276)
  • tactical air defense controller (7326)
  • air traffic controller (7257)

“If a Marine is interested in a conducting a lateral move, they should do their homework,” said Master Gunnery Sgt. Leodis Smith Jr., the career planner for II Marine Expeditionary Force. “The first person he or she should talk to his their career planner. The career planner would be able to sit down with that Marine and look at the Marine’s scores to see what he or she is available to move into.”

Smith also recommended speaking to Marines currently serving in the desired MOS to get a better feel for whether or not they will want to perform a lateral move into it.

With approximately 25,000 Marines leaving the active component annually and the majority of them being eligible to stay in the Marine Corps, the Prior Service Enlistment Program allows the qualified Marines to reenlist back into active duty. MARADMIN 481/15 states that Marines participating in the PSEP may choose to lateral move into a new MOS.

“There are quite a few specialties out there that will continue to actively seek out Marines to lateral move into [the jobs],” Smith said. “The recent push for Marines to lateral move into certain jobs is going to be continuous. It depends on the needs of the Marine Corps at that current time.”

The Active Reserve Program, outlined in MARADMIN 489/15, allows Marine reservists, from the ranks of lance corporal to sergeant, the chance to enter active service in specific fields, with active duty pay and entitlements, including the potential for active duty retirement benefits.

In other cases, however, lateral movement from one MOS to another may also come simply from a wish to remain in the Marines Corps.

“Often times, Marines will desire to remain in their own MOS fields, but the allocations no longer exist, therefore the career planners will sit down and talk to Marines about what other options are available to them,” said Smith.

Marines seeking more information on lateral movements can contact their unit’s career planner to discuss new opportunities and requirements. The website mosmanual.com allows Marines to research the approximately 450 jobs available to them and find the one that best suits their skills and aspirations.

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