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Marines get bullet-proof glass at recruiting centers, Navy get guns

Marine Chattanooga shooting
Groups to include Everytown, Moms Demand Action, and the Brady Campaign are calling for new gun restrictions after a terrorist’s assault on two military installations. (Photo: AP)

A year after a terror-motivated mass shooting in Chattanooga, Tenn., left four and a sailor dead, the Corps has begun the process of shoring up centers against the prospect of similar attacks in the future, according to Military.com.

The Corps published a solicitation this month for -resistant cubicle covers for each of roughly 1,500 Corps centers nationwide.

These panels will be certified at Level 8 or above on the Underwriters Laboratory scale of resistance, capable of withstanding five shots from a 7.62mm rifle lead-core full-metal copper jacket military ball, according to the solicitation. That’s a level of protection far exceeding what many banks and credit unions use for -resistant dividers.

Meanwhile, the Navy announced that it plans to arm naval recruiters just weeks earlier.

“The arming of personnel at these facilities provides both a deterrent value and a defensive capability against potential attacks,” Capt. Ray Benedict wrote in a statement.


The move to station armed sailors is one of several changes to security and policy that have been made after the attack.

The allocated $80 million this year to make physical changes to recruiting centers, according to Benedict’s statement. The money will be used to “install access controls, visual identification systems and perform physical changes to some buildings.”

The has also put in place a system to allow recruiters to use their cell phones to quickly alert all other nearby recruiters of an attack, according to the statement.

USMC Life staff contributed to this report.

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