Home News Marines en route to Haiti to protect the US embassy amid protests

Marines en route to Haiti to protect the US embassy amid protests


US Marines and State Department security teams have been requested to up security at the US Embassy in Haiti, after an increase in fuel prices sparked civil unrest.

13 marines and an undisclosed number of civilian contracted security personnel have been requested in response to the riots, with a US Marine Security Augmentation Unit reportedly already en route to Haiti.

According to CNN, US Embassy personnel inside Port-au-Prince have been told to shelter in place and told not to venture outside, where at least one person has already been confirmed dead.

The US State Department revised its travel advisory on Monday, advising Americans not to travel to Haiti.

Despite the advisory, the State Department declined to go into further detail.

“We do not discuss specific security matters concerning the protection of our facilities or personnel,” a State Department official said in a statement obtained by CNN on Tuesday. “The security and safety of Americans are among our highest priorities. Local law enforcement and U.S. embassy security authorities will take appropriate measures to safeguard personnel and visitors.”

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