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Marine’s 40 years slogan sent to pasture for indefinite sabbatical


marines-the-few-the-proud-egaThe Few. The Proud.

These four words have been the staple of Marine Corps’ marketing campaigns since 1977, but today, that slogan is being sidelined for what the Corps says is a more industry-standard approach.

Marine Corps Times reports new commercials set to hit the airways next month will be more focused on show me — don’t tell me.

Lt. Col. John Caldwell, a spokesman for Marine Corps Recruiting Command said commercials will end with the word “Marines” and the Corps’ eagle, globe and anchor emblem.

He also told Marine Corps Times the 40-year-old slogan will remain in the Corps’ vocabulary and that it will not be retired indefinitely.

Caldwell says that the replacing “The Few, The Proud” was never the focus of the new advertising campaign and that other promotions like, “We’re Looking for a Few Good Men,” doesn’t really describe what Marines do from day-to-day.

The new commercials will focus on three themes: Making Marines, winning battles and returning quality citizens, he said.

“Those chapters you will see fleshed out in these advertisements with everything framed through the context of a fight — a fight that we intend to win, because that is what Marines do,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell said the Corps turned to industry to more laser focus its narrative.

He told Marine Corps Times, “Nike, a lot of their advertisements now end with the swoosh — or the swoosh and the word ‘Nike’ — but the tagline ‘Just Do It’ or something like that isn’t there. A lot of advertisers … punctuate their advertising products with their brand. That’s effectively what these new TV ads you’re going to see do. They end with our brand,” he said.

He also said discussions were never focused on the slogan’s fate; rather it was concentrated on punctuating the Corps’ narrative.

Although the 40-year-old slogan will not be part of the upcoming commercials, it still belongs to the Marine Corps and it could be used with other recruiting materials, he said in the Marine Corps Times article.

“’The Few, The Proud’ still belongs to the Marines, along with all previous taglines used, Caldwell said. “It will be used when and where needed and most appropriate.”

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  1. Marine Corps is not industry! It is special and always been special. It has always done more with less than any other service. It is disgraceful changing the slogan. Shame!

  2. Caldwell is thinking too much into it! Either that or he is a glory hound just seeking to effect the Marine Corps long and proud history in order to make a name for himself. LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!

  3. Who’s the freakin genius that thought of this Mickey Mouse shit! Must be some pog sitting around trying to justify his job! Marine Corps was built on tradition.

  4. I think how the Corps has done and has been doing their advertisements shouldn’t be changed at all. We used to only have new slogans & a new commercial once every year on the Marine Corps Birthday. After all the years it stayed that way, we have still stayed stronger and still the best service in the USA. That’s why we are the few because we only get the best people that wants to serve our country and be with the best. That’s how it had been, our reputation of winning battles and our esprit de corps are what fuels an individual to be with us to serve till this day.

  5. Big mistake!!! The Marine Corps slogan should not be changed. There has been a lot of blood shed of Marines who believed in this slogan & still do. The Corps pride & honor are anchored in this slogan. The Marine Corps believes are forever branded in our hearts & souls, please leave this sacred honor as is.
    Thomas Singletary
    USMC Vietnam 1969-1970

  6. You may change a few things about OUR corp, But will never take OUR pride, but WE will always BE THE FEW and THE PROUD. J.P. HUNOT USMC< 1959 – OMEGA


    USMC VET. 1990-1994

  8. The douche bag that came up with this idea is as useful as obama was. Don’t be like a civilian company unless you didn’t go through OCS….I thinking maybe you didn’t

  9. Lt. Col. John Caldwell, please note that EVERY comment is negative. Are you getting the feeling that The Corps itself does not like this change? Not because we resist all changes, but because “The Few, The Proud” is now part of Marine Corps history. Does that matter? Well, I think it does. Am I qualified to say so? I am a Marine. That’s enough. I also happen to have taught Marine Corps History to Officer Candidates. It is our unrivaled history that elevates us above the other services. Don’t mess with it without a better reason that what you have so far stated.

  10. Lt.Col. Caldwell: I realize that you think you are doing our Beloved Corps right by updating our slogan. I am sorry, but you are wrong! We are proud of our slogan, and all that it stands for. This is the blood of our brothers, from Tun Tavern to the present day, that has been shared to keep our nation safe. All those Ad Agencies you are talking to have not been in existence for 242 years and have not gone into battle against our countries’ enemies. We do the impossible with much less than our Sister Services, and still manage to win because of an inner spirit built into us in Boot Camp by our Di’s. not by some Ad man in NYC. I guess it is best said, “If it ain’t broke, don’y try to fix it!”
    Signrd; One of THE FEW, THE PROUD (forever).

  11. What is the old old joke, “The motto of the Marine Corps is not first to fight, but to be first in front of the cameras.” Advertising and marketing are the mainstay of any organization and the Corps does it very well. Change is good and selling ourselves and creating an image constantly to reflect our current culture and society is reflective of the can do attitudes that all Marines have shared for generations. I know it sometimes hurts to make changes or to evolve from old and great things, but we were never promised a rose garden. The Lt. Col. Caldwell is doing a great job! Before anyone gets butt hurt with my positive comments – former Sergeant of Marines, Attorney, Professor – law school and college, etc… I’ve been around. But a Marine first and always.

  12. Just Dumb. We never promised you a rose garden was a cute little hook based on a popular song at the time . However The Few and The Proud describes who we were, are and will be. We make Marines We win battles is what we do, not who we are.


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