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Marine Veteran’s Gun Store Targeted in Arlington, Virginia


In this News Minute from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, Jennifer Zahrn reports that a group of anti-gunners is trying to shut down a small gun store owned by Marine Corps Veteran James Gates in Arlington, Virginia. . Do you agree that citizens should be able to do this?

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  1. He has every right to have that store, no one should be protesting this or trying to shut him down. I wish people would stop trying to take away our rights. Semper Fi Marine, thank you for your service.

    A proud mom of a Marine!

  2. Mom, I respect you and know you’re saying what you think people want to hear. But what if someone wanted to build an abortion clinic or a nuclear power plant next to your house? Would you say “no one should be protesting”? Don’t you support the first amendment? And just how is this infringing on anyone’s rights? The dude already owns another gun shop less than 5 miles away. If I feel the overwhelming urge to buy an AR-15 or a Glock I think I could manage to get over there – I could even walk if I wanted to. I don’t remember where it says in the Constitution that you have to be able to get your gun within 300 feet of your house (like this would be for me and my neighbors). Look,I live here, you don’t. The VAST majority of people in Arlington don’t want a gun shop in that location. Focus on your own community – you want a gun shop on every corner, more power to you. But something tells me you don’t live in Cherrydale or Maywood so butt out.


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