Home News Marine veteran who attempted to bomb mosque now an advocate for Islam

Marine veteran who attempted to bomb mosque now an advocate for Islam


A US Marine veteran who set out to blow up a mosque has reportedly found peace in the religion he sought to strike out against.

Indiana native Richard McKinney, who was reportedly upset to see Muslim places of worship in his hometown in 2009, entered a local Muncie-area mosque in hopes of detonating an explosive device.

“I told people that Islam is cancer,” he said of the fateful day. “I was the surgeon to cure it.”

The veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan encountered a different outcome, however- the people he was hoping to destroy did not meet him with hostility.

One member of the congregation, an Afghan citizen named Muhammad Bahrami, embraced McKinney, causing him to rethink his actions.

Over a decade later, McKinney has become something of a spokesperson for converting to Islam, appearing in publications ranging from CNN to Siasat.

Credit : YouTube

McKinney was also the subject of a documentary, “Stranger at the Gate,” which chronicled his attempted attack and eventual conversion to Islam.

Prior to his attempted bombing, McKinney had served 25 years in the US Marine Corps.


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