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Marine veteran trolls rally in Captain America outfit


A US Marine veteran-turned far-left activist showed up to a near-nonexistent far-right rally wearing a Captain America costume and looked pretty funny doing it.

Patrick Rincon donned the titular Marvel character’s costume during the 2nd Annual “Unite the Right” rally, which took place on Sunday in Charlottesville, Virginia, and harkened back to an incident one year prior when the extremist left and right-wing groups clashed, embarrassing nearly everyone across the political spectrum.

Unlike the first rally, the second Unite the Right rally was somewhat of a fizzle before it even began, with only a handful of far-right supporters showing up. According to the New York Times, the fringe group found themselves outnumbered, and only four arrests were reported. During the event, most of the tension appeared to be between left-wing supporters and police.

“The problem is, the only opposition is the police,” Pastor Robert Lewis of the Hinton Avenue United Methodist Church told the New York Times.

In the midst of the action was Rincon, who was wearing a Captain America costume and squaring off against the few individuals that were there as he carried American and South Korean flags.

“This is America, and nobody should ever feel complacent about countering fascists,” Rincon told the Marine Corps Times.

From 2004 to 2010, Rincon served in the US Marines as a Cryptologic Linguist, specializing in Russian. According to his Linkedin profile, he sustained a brain injury in 2006.

Beyond his military service, an internet search shows that Rincon is a self-described “Christian Free Market Anarcho-Socialist,” a linguaphile who loves to study languages, and a writer for the blog Bombs and Dollars. In one of his posts, he claims to have worked alongside Marxist Kurdish Rebels in Syria (namely the YPG) in 2015. Disillusioned with the YPG’s take on socialism and social justice, he went home without seeing any combat.

“I didn’t end up firing a shot in combat for the YPG,” he wrote. “After seeing their half-baked ideology, poor level of training, and the child soldiers, I had had enough. They were nice enough to arrange for me to go back to Iraq where I could catch a ride to Turkey.”

Likely related to his love of language, he also has a fascination with Korean culture and entertainment.

In addition to all of this, Rincon has also been seen quoting lines from, The Internationale (a French song that became a standard of European socialist movements and was later rehashed to serve as the anthem for the the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic from 1918 to 1944), as well as posting a photo of himself and friends -dressed in Sombreros and draped with Mexican flags- in front of a mural of Vladimir Lenin.

With his personal ideologies put into context, there appears to be some great irony in relation to the second rally in Charlottesville: during the event, a former Lance Corporal by the name of Vasillios G. Pistolis -who was kicked out of the Marines last month for his affiliation with the neo-nazi Atomwaffen Division- was also at the event, meaning the two prior-Marines symbolically clashed in the name of two extreme ideologies that run counter to Marine Corps values.

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