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Marine veteran stops burglary, holds intruder at gunpoint


Josh Crammond was awake when he heard the sound of glass breaking Thursday night; he thought it was his girlfriend.

“I thought she fell in the kitchen and dropped something and it scared me, and then I heard somebody kick in my door,” Crammond told WRSP.

It was not his girlfriend, but an intruder — 24-year-old Christopher Price entered the house through the busted glass — but he picked the wrong house to break into.

“My father was a police officer, and I spent four years in the Marine Corps.”

Crammond pointed a gun on Price and scared him off. He went upstairs and called 911.

But the intruder, Price, came back and tried breaking in again.

“I was definitely shaking,” Crammond’s girlfriend said. “It was probably the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life.”

Once again Crammond stopped him.

“He was trying to get back in the house at that point, and she was screaming for me, and I came back in the kitchen and I held him at gunpoint pretty much until the cops got here. He ran into the alley probably 15 seconds before the cops showed up and they caught him by Walnut street.”

Things could have gotten a lot worse.

“I didn’t want to kill anybody, but I was prepared to.”

Springfield Police Lt. Chris Mueller commended Crammond on his actions, saying he did exactly what a lawful gun owner should have.

“He did an outstanding job of defending his castle, and had the restraint to know not to shoot because he didn’t feel his life was in danger at that point.”

Mueller said, if his life would have been in danger, he could have pulled the trigger.

“I’m glad I didn’t have to be honest,” Crammond said. “I’m glad they got him.”

Price has been charged with attempted burglary.

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