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Marine veteran assists thief posing as US Marine, gets robbed


A Marine veteran living in Utah met a man in need who claimed to be a Marine. He had gotten to know the individual over several months while working out at a Salt Lake City gym.

When the con-man said he needed a place to stay, Kurt Harris offered his home and eventually went away on business, according to Fox 13. That’s when he was robbed. The thief stole his Dodge Charger, laptops, and everything Marine related including uniforms and war memorabilia.

“The last decade of my Marine service is gone,” Harris said. “My uniforms, my dress blues, photos of friends that are not with us anymore, it’s all gone.”

Some of the items can be replaced through insurance, but some items have personal sentiments that are irreplaceable.

“That’s the real knife in your heart, the salt on the wound,” he said. “We’re not even the same size guy: what would he want with my military uniforms, and my decorations that tell my story as a Marine? Every material item that I had that was testament that I served a decade in the Marine Corps.

Harris believes the thief stole his military items to keep with the lie of serving.

“Maybe to pawn it for a few bucks, that’s a stab in the heart, or he’s gonna use it to perpetuate this lie that he’s told to other people and himself that he’s a Marine, that he wore the uniform, that he earned it like the rest of us,” he said.

Harris is asking local residents to keep an eye out for his 2008 black Dodge Charger with Marine Corps plates reading 03YUT. The suspect has been identified as Michael Manning and was last seen in Logan, Utah.

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