Home News Marine vet relives home invasion: “I Opened The Door And Smoked ‘Em”

Marine vet relives home invasion: “I Opened The Door And Smoked ‘Em”


Michael Irving Marine vet

A Marine veteran’s quick thinking may have very well saved his life during a recent home invasion.

Michael Irving, 62, heard a knock at the door. He opened the door and was immediately shot by three people who were trying to steal his medication, according to WKRG.

The vet reached into the kitchen cabinet and grabbed a handgun to fire back, injuring all three suspects.

“They shot, right there, cut loose on me,” said Irving, pointing to the glass in the door. “Behind the coffee, I had an old pistol. I opened the door and smoked ’em.”

Everything happened quickly.

“It surprised me too but when someone just shot and is trying to kill you it just wakes up the dragon,” said Irving. “I learned that in the Marine Corps. You react and do before you get scared. Always react and do it before you get time to get scared.”

The three suspects have been arrested and are being held in jail with no bond.

Irving is recovering from his bullet wounds at home.

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