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Marine vet laughs as protester gets bit by a police dog after antagonizing it


A Marine veteran, who works for the Irreverent Warriors veterans organization, captured protesters antagonizing police officers and one of their working dogs this week.

The video posted by Loies Loyola shows protesters screaming, “No justice, no peace, f*** the police.”

One BLM protester walks right up to an officer with a working dog and chants, and dances within a couple of feet from him but runs away when the officer points the dog towards her.

After multiple protesters become closer to the working dog, its begins to bark at them while the officer restrains it by its leash.

But one protester fails to head the dog’s warnings and attempts to take a selfie directly in front of the officer, prompting the dog to latch on to his buttocks.

“Hey idiots, don’t taunt the dogs just to “do it for the gram,” you’re 100% at fault for getting bit,” Loyola wrote.

“The goodest of all boys just doing his job.”

While it is unknown if Loyola recorded the video himself, it is clear why he’s the social media director for Irreverent Warriors.

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