Marine vet killed in Phoenix park, likely playing Pokemon Go


    A Marine veteran was killed at a Phoenix park during his nightly workout, but he may also have been an easier target by playing Pokemon Go.

    Dustin Shirk, a war veteran, was killed at Cielito Park off Campbell and 35th Avenue in Phoenix.

    Two Pokemon Go players called 911 and stayed with the Marine and tried to help him while awaiting police.

    Shirk’s mother praised the actions of those citizens who called 911, saying, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart that my son didn’t sit there and suffer with nobody by his side.”

    Cielito Park has been a hotspot for Pokemon lovers –they can find the rare Pokemon Magmar. Police believe that someone out there may have seen something.

    “A lot of parks that have been barren that I’ve been to before are now full of people,” explains Jodi Rogers.

    Shirk’s mother says the Marine was a Pokemon player and may have been playing the game on his nightly jog.

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