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Marine vet indicted for stealing fellow Marines’ money by using their identities

Neal Grant Monroe

Federal investigators are accusing a former US Marine in North Carolina of stealing personal information from other Marines to open bank accounts, apply for credit and borrow money.

24-year-old Ohio native Neal Grant Monroe, V has been charged with bank fraud, aiding and abetting, and aggravated identity theft after stealing over $20,000 from others by way of stealing their information.

Monroe reportedly stole from six Marines after his discharge in 2014, taking with him the names, addresses dates of birth, social security numbers and other personal financial information from six Marines stationed in North Carolina.

Over a nine month period, Monroe used personal information to secure loans, get credit cards and other methods of obtaining money or purchasing power.

According to WFMJ, Monroe would transfer the funds from his own account or withdraw them from ATMs.

On his Facebook page, Monroe regularly complained about working multiple jobs, not having enough money and even questioned where people without jobs got their money from.

“Why y’all be having kids with no job? How are you providing for them with no job and car? You ain’t even getting a tax return with no job,” he wrote.

Monroe, a former Aviation Supply Specialist, advertised his USMC affiliation often and openly.

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