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Marine vet humiliated by dealer while protesting being sold defective car

(Screenshots from video below)

A Connecticut Marine veteran got into a serious altercation with a used car dealer after the aforementioned salesman allegedly sold him a car that broke down the following day.

Christopher Edwards reportedly co-signed a vehicle loan for his significant other -identified as Natalia Illas- after at Road Ready Auto Sales in Ansonia, when she could not secure a loan on her own.

One day after the car was sold to the couple by fellow veteran Mike Taylor, the vehicle broke down.

What followed was a confusing and convoluted situation involving repairs, warranties and going to other shops for “simple” repairs, only to find the vehicle allegedly had more issues.

Illas was reportedly referred to by dealers as a “slut,” and asked how she could “purchase a car on WIC.”

“I don’t think any woman deserves to be belittled, especially by a group of men,” she told the New Haven Independent. I mean, one man, you’re going to get that one guy who is not raised right, but a group of men?”

Staging a protest on May 7, Edwards and his girlfriend began protesting the incident, resulting in video footage where dealers began berating both Edwards and his partner, making vulgar comments about both of them and even threatening Edwards.

Marine veteran Christopher Edwards. (Change.org)

The video got over 18,850 views since May 8, prompting outrage from people all over the country and even a petition to shut the business down, which needs fewer than 300 signatures before it reaches its goal.

Organizing an organized protest outside of the dealership, Edwards found himself being taunted over the dealership’s intercom, which can be heard publicly by anyone in hearing range.

The owner of Road Ready Auto Sales responded with a video, explaining that his company was willing to make everything right and have mandated remedial action for all of the employees involved.

Public backlash became so intense, the company temporarily took down their social media page.

Road Ready has filed for a temporary injunction to stop the protest, which up until this point has been legal and sanctioned.

In a court filing, Road Ready says the protest- and connected social media attention — has jeopardized the business “for a $521.45 expense which (Edwards) needlessly brought upon himself, and an insult to his girlfriend.”

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