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Marine vet gets stolen gear back, has thief wash his car and go job hunting


Kelly Mercer, a Marine veteran believes in second chances. He received a tip from a friend who knew the teen responsible for breaking into his car and stealing his things. He went to the thief’s home and confronted him to get his stuff back.

Mercer gave the teen a choice, he could call the police and press charges for stealing his military gear and softball equipment, or the teen can wash the veteran’s car this weekend, go job hunting with him, and to meet with a military recruiter.

The teen will be accompanying the Marine veteran around town for a while and has decided against the charges.

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  1. This is the most wonderful man ever. Someone ought to do something for this vet marine. Just know we all think your awesome. That teen should be saying thank you n enlisting in the Marine Corps. He has some learning to do he has someone to look up too also. Maybe he will then stay out of trouble. Marine vet your an angel . We all could learn a thing or two from him….Merry Christmas …..


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