Home News Marine vet denies Trump pledge while geting hand-fed nacho chip from bro

Marine vet denies Trump pledge while geting hand-fed nacho chip from bro


When the Trump rally invited veterans to sit in the VIP section behind the presidential candidate, they never imagined that two of them would participate in one of the best photobombs ever.

Marine veteran Marius Loots and his friends attended the rally at the University of Central Florida, saying “we figured, why not go and get a direct opinion without the media bias?”

Loots says he hadn’t made up his mind about the Republican presidential candidate, but things went awry when Trump asked the audience to raise their right hands and swear an oath.

That didn’t sit well with the Marine vet.

“The turning point for us was when Trump asked us to hold our hands up to make a pledge… I personally am never going to pledge to anything other than the Pledge of Allegiance or Oath of Enlistment. That’s something that alarms me a lot. It kind of makes us feel uncomfortable.”

Loots decided to turn his discomfort into comedy while his buddy hand-fed him a chip, maintaining his eye contact with the camera.

Many began questioning the motive behind it and the Marine answered that it was really quite simple:

“So we just started having a good time with it and we just wanted to do something funny for our friends and family,” explained Loots.

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