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Marine vet creates VET Tv, the Comedy Central of the military


Veteran TV LogoIt’s been said that the shared camaraderie between veterans is one that can’t be understood by most unless you’ve lived it. The depraved humor, the endless boredom waiting on orders, working in arduous conditions with sometimes less than leadership… but now those who lived it and those still in the suck can laugh about the challenges and lifestyle faced in the military.

VET Tv is being called the Comedy Central of the Military and debuts on Friday, June 23. It’s been making waves in the military and veteran community with cinematic television programming tailored specifically for vets. That’s right, a program for the veteran community that’s not just about the vet community which means no more comments like, “That would never happen… that gun can’t do that… this isn’t realistic…”

Those who want to check it out need to have a device capable of streaming – phone, tablet, Roku, Apple Air using channel VHX. Content is also available on their website.

Subscriptions are FREE for just 3 days to check it out, and then just $5 a month for a subscription. They’re also offering yearly bundles with other perks right now.

Programming on VET Tv may cause you to raise your eyebrows or raise a drink depending on your taste. The first show kicking off is Kill, Die, Laugh – the Chappelle’s Show of the military, but the premiere of A Grunt’s Life – a parody of an infantry platoon in the Helmand province in 2008 will follow in mid-October. Special Guests include Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, Evan Hafer, Tank Machine, and Mercedes Carrera.

The humor is based on the irreverent, dark humor created by founder Captain Donny O’Malley, a medically retired Marine. His first project, Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant, took Amazon by storm selling over 25,000 copies and racking up mostly 5-star reviews with a handful of negative reviews. “I’m a 30 year Marine veteran and I found his book baseless, vulgar, and disgusting,” says one reviewer.

Donny O'Malley
Captain Donny O’Malley at a Silkies Hike. Photo: Tim Kolczak.

O’Malley is also the founder of the ‘Silkies Hikes’ which have gained national news coverage, taking place across the US by his non-profit Irreverent Warriors. Since inception, over 80 hikes have been completed around the country and have brought together over 12,000 veterans.

VET Tv started in O’Malley’s grandmother’s sun room, born out of a desire to stop suicide in the veteran community to bring veterans together and out of isolation.

“My goal was to create something that had a positive influence on the veteran community. We used humor as the attention getter because our experiences in the military have forced us to develop a dark sense of humor,” says O’Malley. “This is the same thing that the E.R. doctors and nurses have to do to make it through a day full of trauma.”

O’Malley took the idea of VET Tv to Kickstarter in November 2016. They became the 3rd highest funded comedy project in Kickstarter history, racking in $296,331. With those funds they’re starting filming and also building a FOB out in Lake Elsinore for filming future projects.

VET Tv will be hosting an exclusive 8-hour Comedy Show on Facebook Live June 23rd and 24th in honor of the launch.

FOB replicata for VET Tv
3D model of future FOB in Lake Elsinore being built for VET Tv.


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