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Marine vet arrested for storming North Korean embassy with machete, taking hostages


A US Marine veteran-one of several people who stormed the North Korean embassy with fake guns and machetes in Spain- has been denied bond in Los Angeles.

38-year-old Christopher P. Ahn (aka Adrian Hong Chang) was arrested by the LAPD last week after he and other members of the Free Joeson “government-in-exile” group stormed the embassy of their mortal enemies, the Kim family.

Ahn and several others took the embassy and held several people hostage, stealing state information on USB drives, computers and other devices. Eventually, the group fled the embassy in stolen vehicles, which were later found abandoned.

A day after the attack, a member of the group -Hong Chang- was captured by US officials as he flew into the US and told them that Marine veteran Ahn had participated in the attack. To make matters worse for the Marine, one of the embassy workers identified the veteran using his LinkedIn profile picture.

Ahn was captured by US Marshals operating inside the local LAPD jurisdiction, along with a handgun.

Chang was the co-founder and Executive Director of Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), an international NGO devoted to human rights in North Korea. He was featured in a Google Tech Talk in 2007 and a TED Talk in 2009 on the issue.

According to the Daily Mail, Ahn could face a decade in Spanish prison on robbery, illegal restraint and criminal organization charges.

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