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Marine vet anonymously picks up tab for soldiers, leaves touching note on receipt


An Army National Guardsman based in Washington was so moved by a random act of kindness from a Marine veteran that he decided to pay it forward the same day.
Sgt. Brian King says a Marine veteran anonymously picked up the bill for him and a friend while they were having a quick bite to eat at Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl & Grill in Tacoma, Washington.
King told TODAY.com, “After ordering an appetizer and entrée, the waitress came over and told us our bill had been taken care of. We weren’t in our uniforms because of security reasons, but this veteran must have known from our haircuts.”
That anonymous veteran left a note on the bill, which totaled $52.65, saying: “Thanks for your service gentlemen.”
King was very moved by the touching gesture, but since the Marine didn’t introduce himself or give them a chance to say ‘thank you,’ King decided to post a picture of the receipt on Instagram, along with a heartfelt message. “I just want to give this stranger some recognition for his kindness to Soldiers. It’s such a rare thing. This random act of kindness… Made my day,” he said.
King wrote in the photo comments on Instagram: “Every time I think that no one cares that I’m a Soldier or about my sacrifice, someone redeems my faith in society. Thank You “Former Marine” for your Sacrifice and generosity! HOOAH!!!”
King told NBC the simple note really “rejuvenated his spirit,” in light of the recent tragic events in Chattanooga. He said service members in the National Guard are often overlooked and thought of as secondhand soldiers, “so it really touched me that there are people that still appreciate what we do.”
King said since he couldn’t properly thank the anonymous patron or do something for him in return, he decided to pay it forward. “That same day I went to Applebee’s and paid for a group of servicemen in cash and just left,” he said. King, who joined the forces in 1998, added: “I hope this inspires others to be generous and appreciative of all armed forces.”

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