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Marine thwarts theft during state bar exam break

Joseph Rupp
Marine veteran Joseph Rupp thwarts theft while on a break during the Utah bar exam.

A US Marine veteran in Salt Lake City took time out of his Utah State Bar Exam to thwart a car thief.

Joseph Rupp, who graduated from the University of Utah in December, has been spending his time studying to pass the bar, a requirement to practice law.

“There’s a lot riding on this,” Rupp said. “It’s pretty grueling; six hours of testing for two days straight.”

However, Rupp took his mind off the exam during a 30-minute break last week, when he saw a man prowling through the parking lot, scanning cars for an easy snatch and grab.

“I was out in my car eating my lunch….when I saw him I was like he doesn’t belong here,” Rupp said.

When Rupp saw the man steal a computer out of a vehicle, he let into action and chased the man down.

“I grabbed his arm and said give me the stuff back,” he told KSL. “Give me that computer.”

While the bad guy got away, the stolen items were returned.

“I’m going to blame him and the person who left their car unlocked if I fail the bar. That will be my excuse,” said Rupp, who will find out the results of his exam next week.

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